Napa & Solano County Criminal Defense Attorney 

Laina T. Chikhani has been defending her clients zealously since she earned her law degree from John F. Kennedy University in 1999. Even as a law student, she experienced the passion to help those wrongly accused of crimes. She worked as a Certified Law Clerk in Solano County from 2009-10, where she learned her skills while being exposed to the inner workings of the criminal justice system.

Assault and Battery

Crimes involving battery bring their own issues and problems. Often there are protective orders that are filed with the court, and other rules defendants are expected to follow during the proceedings. Solano County Criminal Defense Attorney Laina T. Chikhani will make sure that your rights are protected during this process, when the focus of the court is on the other party.

Assault and battery charges can come from many kinds of circumstances. You have the right to defend yourself and explain your part, but you should not try to do so until you have sought the advice of an experienced attorney. Fairfield Criminal Defense Attorney Laina T. Chikhani will help you prepare your case so that your side is fairly represented.

Drug Crimes

Drug charges often depend on rules of evidence. Prosecutors are required to present all of the evidence to prove their case, and you are required to prove nothing. You can protect your rights by making the State prove its case, if you have an attorney with the skills and knowledge to know which evidence to look for.

Fairfield Criminal Defense Attorney Laina T. Chikhani knows how to examine physical evidence and police reports, and she understands which laws apply to drug cases.

School Expulsion

Napa County Criminal Defense Attorney Laina T. Chikhani has personally litigated on behalf on several clients who have been threatened with school expulsion. Taking cases in multiple school districts, she has helped her clients prepare and then defended them in hearings by the School Attendance Review Board.

If you have been accused of a crime in Napa County or Solano County, call Laina T. Chikhani, Attorney at Law today. She will give you a free evaluation of your case, letting you know what your options are. You can call her when you need when you need someone on your side.

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