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A recent traffic stop resulted in DUI charges, placing your entire future as a driver and California resident at risk. The sooner you seek the assistance of a Napa & Solano County DUI attorney, the better. Your attorney should seamlessly handle both the criminal and DMV aspects of your case. This takes considerable skill in two separate practice areas. Look to Laina T. Chikhani, Attorney at Law for guidance through the entirety of the criminal justice process, along with assistance in DMV proceedings.

DUI Law in California

DUI law is notoriously harsh in the state of California, where even first-time offenders face mandatory minimum sentences. Penalties vary somewhat based on criminal history, blood alcohol content (BAC) at the time of arrest, and age of the driver. All alleged offenders can expect significant penalties if convicted. In addition to paying fines, serving time in jail, and suffering suspended licenses, many convicted drivers are required to participate in DUI school and mandatory counseling.

DMV Hearings

DUI’s complexity as a practice area derives from its categorization as both criminal and traffic law. Your attorney must deal not only with the local criminal justice system, but also the Department of Motor Vehicles. At a DMV hearing, your attorney will address several issues with your case, such as the role of reasonable cause and whether you submitted to a breath, blood, or urine test. With assertive representation, it may be possible to avoid license suspension and other common repercussions.

What to Do If Accused of DUI

If you’re charged with DUI in California, you cannot afford to wait it out; inaction means risking your future as a licensed driver, plus your criminal record. Contact a trusted attorney as soon as possible. Be sure to contact the DMV within ten days to request your hearing. If you work with Laina T. Chikhani, Attorney at Law, you don’t have to deal with the DMV directly; a skilled attorney can set up your DMV hearing on your behalf.

If you’ve been accused of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you cannot afford anything less than exceptional representation. Any mistakes could lead to permanent damage to your criminal and driving records. This, in turn, could cause you years of distress. You can count on Laina T. Chikhani, Attorney at Law for aggressive representation and effective legal strategy; get in touch today to learn more.

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